5 Benefits Of Video Marketing For Local SEO

Video may have killed the Radio Star, but not Local SEO!
Video may have killed the Radio Star, but not Local SEO!

Video Marketing for Local SEO has been all the rage for the last few years.  Something about creating a Page 1 presence on Google within a relatively short period of time and with minimal effort is very attractive, particularly considering the alternatives.  And who doesn’t love watching short entertaining videos?  Much better than reading a boring old blog post like this one.  So the benefits compared to traditional search engine marketing and ranking are numerous, but we are going to narrow it down to the top 5. Or at least they are 5 important benefits if there is a better one you think we missed.  So here we go, the 5 benefits of Video Marketing for Local SEO.

5 Benefits of Local Video Marketing

Videos are usually easier to rank for local keywords.  Local SEO has ranked many a website for local long tail keywords, but it does not happen overnight.  In fact, it is not unusual for it to take 2 to 3 months or longer to go after moderately competitive keywords, particularly if your site is new.  The nefarious Google Sandbox has left many new sites in limbo for the first 30 days, sometimes longer.  Yes, it can be done more quickly using those infamous “Black Hat” tactics, but good luck holding on to those rankings.  Videos, on the other hand, can often be ranked for moderately competitive local keywords much sooner.  In fact, for non-competitive keywords, it is not unheard of to be able to rank a video on Page 1 in a day or two, and in extreme cases in minutes!  But generally speaking, if optimized properly a new video can be ranked much more quickly than its website counterpart for the same keyword.

Thumbnails provide greater presence in SERPS.  Ever since mean old Google did away with those smiling faces via Authorship, there really hasn’t been a lot of ways to stick out in the crowd with your Organic Listings.  Well, there is still one way.  If you rank a video, your video Thumbnail will stick out like, well, a sore thumb and grab the attention of web surfers.  You can even customize your video Thumbnail so that you can present a special graphic, advertisement, or phone number.  The sky’s the limit as long as it is relevant to your video.  No, you can’t use a picture of Playboy’s Playmate of the Year just to get views, at least not for long.  But you can use something that will grab the attention of someone looking for your product or service, and that is a very good thing when you are vying for clicks.

People would rather watch video than read boring content.  A picture is worth a thousand words, and a moving picture is worth even more.  Let me ask you, would you rather read “War and Peace” or watch a movie based on the book?  Given a choice, more people would rather watch a video than read a boring old article or blog post.  And a short video is better still.  An entertaining video is even better than that.  People like to be entertained, and if you can make your video entertaining and informative, your engagement will go through the roof.

Videos are easier to create than websites.  Compared to websites, videos are relatively easy to create.  You can create a video as easily as setting up a camera on your computer and doing a “talking head” presentation.  Here is an example of a video I created in just a few minutes about SEO Tips for WordPress Sites  (I know, it looks like it) and was able to rank very quickly, within a day or two as I recall, for the local long tail keyword “Rockford SEO Tips”.


You can also use screen capture software to record a presentation from your video screen, which are particularly good for creating instructional videos, such as this one on how to Eliminate YouTube Suggested Videos.

You can also purchase more sophisticated software to make white board videos or animated videos.  Outsourcing is another very easy way to make a video, since you don’t have to make it at all.  One last suggestion is to take a video camera and go out and shoot a video.  The point is, other than for the outsourcing method, creating a video is much easier than building a decent website, and much less expensive, not to mention the upkeep (SEO, hosting fees, security, etc.).

Videos also rank on YouTube.  YouTube has been described as the second largest search engine, which is not completely accurate.  Yes, it is the second largest, but it is an Internal Search Engine, whereas Google is a Web Search Engine.  The difference being that YouTube will only search internally for, you guessed it, hosted videos.  But having your video rank at the top of YouTube searches for your primary keyword is a valuable asset, especially since YouTube has the second highest amount of search traffic.  And if you can also get your video ranked on Page 1 of Google, you’ll have a lot of exposure for your video and consequently your business.  To top it off, rank your website on Page 1 of Google as well for the SEO Trifecta!  You’ll be beating new customers away from your doors with a stick.  Well, it could happen.

Rank your Videos for Local SEO

So the benefits of video marketing can be a great boon to your business by driving more search traffic to your website or by converting traffic to phone calls.  You can create Review Videos, Discount or Specials Videos, Local Ad Videos, or whatever your imagination and marketing skills can conjure up.  Just try to be informative and entertaining with your videos, and make them no longer than needed to get your points across.  And as always, if you would like assistance in developing and creating a full blown Video Marketing campaign, please give us a call.  We still have our Free 30 Minute Consultation that you can schedule right from the top of this page, or the link you just read past.