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Local SEO is important to Rockford IL Businesses who want to show up on Google Page 1 for local searches for their products or services within their niche market.

5 Benefits Of Video Marketing For Local SEO

Video may have killed the Radio Star, but not Local SEO!
Video may have killed the Radio Star, but not Local SEO!

Video Marketing for Local SEO has been all the rage for the last few years.  Something about creating a Page 1 presence on Google within a relatively short period of time and with minimal effort is very attractive, particularly considering the alternatives.  And who doesn’t love watching short entertaining videos?  Much better than reading a boring old blog post like this one.  So the benefits compared to traditional search engine marketing and ranking are numerous, but we are going to narrow it down to the top 5. Or at least they are 5 important benefits if there is a better one you think we missed.  So here we go, the 5 benefits of Video Marketing for Local SEO.

5 Benefits of Local Video Marketing

Videos are usually easier to rank for local keywords.  Local SEO has ranked many a website for local long tail keywords, but it does not happen overnight.  In fact, it is not unusual for it to take 2 to 3 months or longer to go after moderately competitive keywords, particularly if your site is new.  The nefarious Google Sandbox has left many new sites in limbo for the first 30 days, sometimes longer.  Yes, it can be done more quickly using those infamous “Black Hat” tactics, but good luck holding on to those rankings.  Videos, on the other hand, can often be ranked for moderately competitive local keywords much sooner.  In fact, for non-competitive keywords, it is not unheard of to be able to rank a video on Page 1 in a day or two, and in extreme cases in minutes!  But generally speaking, if optimized properly a new video can be ranked much more quickly than its website counterpart for the same keyword. Continue reading

What Makes Your Business Unique?

Is having the freshest produce in town a good Unique Selling Proposition?
Is having the freshest produce in town a good Unique Selling Proposition?

Often as a Local SEO Consultant I am asked to help businesses drive traffic to their websites.  That’s pretty much what we do in a nutshell.  And there are many posts on this blog site that delve into the ways that is achieved.  But once traffic arrives on your landing page, or your blog post, or your super- duper “Welcome To Our Company” page, what then?  Your website is not like a spider’s web: traffic is not going to stick just because it is there.  You need to give traffic a reason to hang around.  You need to give it a reason to want to do business with your company instead of one that has a website on one of the other nine first page search engine results.  You know what I am talking about.  You need a Unique Selling Proposition, and you need it fast!

Unique Selling Proposition and Local SEO

Yes, we have talked about USPs in several articles going way back in the archives.  But it seems to be a subject that is lost on many businesses, so I will revisit my old friend.  When creating a USP, the emphasis should be on “unique”.  What makes your business stand out above the crowd?  What makes your business the one to do business with above all others?  In other words, why should I buy from you instead of Bill down the street? Continue reading

The Value Of Local SEO

What is the Value of Local SEO?
What is the Value of Local SEO?

As a Local SEO Consultant, I know the benefits of Local SEO.  With the right strategies in place, a business can have a firm foothold on Google Page 1 search engine results for their niche in their market.  And what this means is that anyone searching for their product or service on the internet in their area is likely to visit their website and potentially become a customer.  It’s what’s called Inbound Traffic and Conversion.  And since it is Organic traffic, it is theoretically free, but we all know that is not really the case. At least I haven’t started doing Local SEO work pro bono.

Yes, that was a very simplified explanation of what Local SEO can do for a company.  For a more detailed explanation, please see my article “Compete With The Big Dogs With Local SEO Marketing”.  But now that we have covered the benefits, what about the added value to a business?  After all, marketing is not just about the ebb and flow and conversion of prospects.  It is also about how the public perceives a business as well as the reputation of the business.  These are the intangibles of marketing that also play a role on the Internet.   So if I haven’t lost you yet, allow me to explain in a little more detail what I mean about value in contrast to the benefits of Local SEO. Continue reading

Useful Plugins For Local SEO

Plugins can improve your Local SEO
Plugins can improve your Local SEO

As a Local SEO Consultant who often works with WordPress for building and maintaining websites, I find myself looking for plugins from time to time that solve specific problems.  And if you are like me, basically unskilled in website development or design, sometimes those Plugins can be a life saver.  In a previous post, “SEO For Your WordPress Website”, I listed six WP Plugins that were useful for SEO.  They were:

  • Google Analyticator
  • Google Author Link
  • Google XML Sitemaps
  • Shareaholic
  • W3 Total Cache
  • WordPress SEO by Yoast

These six FREE plugins create a good foundation for any WP site (although the designers are always happy to accept donations).  As I mentioned in the article, the Google XML Sitemaps plugin may not be necessary since the Yoast plugin includes an XML sitemap, but I had an issue with the Yoast version (since updated several times) so I used Google XML Sitemaps instead.  But in addition to these six essential  Plugins, there are 5 others that I want to share with you that have come in handy when  needed.   Use of these Plugins can either help your Local SEO or make the content creation for your website a little easier.

5 More WordPress Plugins for Local SEO

Once again, the following Plugins are all free.  Please keep in mind that someone had to invest their time and resources to develop these great tools, so try to feel generous with the donations.  More details are available by going to the website for each Plugin using the links provided. Continue reading

Anchor Text Distribution For Local SEO

Don't let Anchor Text sink your Local SEO!
Don’t let Anchor Text sink your Local SEO!

If you ask a hundred different Local SEO consultants “What anchor text distribution is best for inbound links?” you will likely get a hundred different answers.  Back in the day, before mean old Google started handing out spankings for over optimization, the answer would have been “Use the keywords that you are trying to rank for on search engine results”.  So if you were trying to rank for “Cheap Hotel Rooms”, then that keyword phrase was what you used for the anchor text of your links.  Seems pretty easy, right?  Well, Google doesn’t like easy.  Google not only wants you to earn your links, they (he, it whatever) wants you to have a “natural” anchor text distribution for your links.  What does this all mean?  What is anchor text?  What is anchor text distribution?  Let’s take a couple of moments to break it down.

Anchor Text Influences Local SEO

Anchor text, as it relates to inbound links, is the verbiage that is used in the link itself.  One of the most common anchor texts is “Click Here”.  It became apparent some time ago to SEO consultants that generic anchor text like “Click Here” would be no help at all to Local SEO or any other type of SEO.  It didn’t give Google any information about what the link or the site it was being directed to was all about.  So some brilliant SEO consultant (no, not me) came up with the idea that if you used the keywords that you were trying to optimize your site for as the anchor text for inbound links, well, Google would be all over that and your site would get a boost in terms of relevancy for those keywords in the search engine results.  Soon, everyone and their brothers were flooding the internet with highly optimized anchor text links, which means far too many links looked like our “Cheap Hotel Rooms” anchor text example.  Continue reading