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SEO Marketing encompasses all forms of internet marketing that enhances a Rockford IL business’s presence and authority on the internet and in search engine results.

6 Content Marketing Writing Tips

You can gather a lot of Content around the Water Cooler
You can gather a lot of Content around the Water Cooler

It is one thing to know that you need to create good quality content and get it out to the proper channels so that the world can read it, and another to actually write it.  I am sure that we all have at one time or another sat down to write that Pulitzer quality article on SEO or Mobile Marketing or whatever your niche market is, and the words were just not flowing.  You know what the topic is, you kind of know what you want to say, but darn if the fingers just aren’t tapping out that content masterpiece.  Well fear not my Content Marketing Warriors.  Today we are going to look at 6 tips to help you get your pearls of wisdom out to the masses.

Create Content a Little Bit Every Day

Don’t wait until the last minute like you did in High School to write that essay.  Discipline yourself to write so many words each day.  Even if it the quality is not so magnificent the first time around, if you get it started you can always go back and edit as the piece progresses.  Often it is much easier to re-write an article than to start from scratch, so just start getting it on paper and fine tune it at the end.  Continue reading

5 Reasons Your Business Should Have A Mobile App

Mobile Apps are all the rage now. Just ask the army of mobile marketing advocates selling them.  But are mobile apps all that they are hyped up to be, and are they worth the initial investment and monthly maintenance fee?  Particularly when a fully decked out version can cost as much as $1,500 or more?  And I mean a lot more.  Sure, having a neat toy for your customers to play with might seem like a smart business investment.  But is there really a marketing benefit to having a mobile app for your company?  Let’s take a look at 5 reasons that your business should consider investing in a mobile app.

Wouldn't you like to have a cool Mobile App like this?

Wouldn’t you like to have a cool Mobile App like this?

Build Customer Loyalty with a Mobile App

Customers like convenience.  They want to be able to find what they want and get it with the least amount of hassle.  Enter the mobile app.  First of all, it is mobile, so customers can access it on the go through their phones and tablets.  Secondly, it is loaded right into their device, so it is always with them.  And third, it gives them a wealth of access to your company, including menu and e-store ordering, making reservations, e-mailing questions, finding out about current events and promotions, the list goes on and on.  So when a customer wants to buy something, make an appointment or reservation or schedule a service, who are they going to go to?  Will they patronize the business that is front and center on their phone, or some other company that they will have to search for?  You get the point. Continue reading

Whaddyah Mean You Don’t Have A Website?

Papa Bruno runs to Rockford SEO Consultant
Papa Bruno runs to Rockford SEO Consultant

I thought I would celebrate a minor milestone by going off on a little rant for our 50th post.  I know, not quite as satisfying as cake and ice cream, but here I go.  The other day a sales associate of ours was telling me about a restaurant owner she had just met with regarding adding our mobile app to his marketing arsenal.  What a great way to reach out to customers.  Having your restaurant’s mobile app downloaded into their cellphones so that every time they get the munchies for your tasty treats, all they have to do is order right from their phones.  Hallelujah!  It’s a miracle.  But then she dropped the bombshell.  “He doesn’t even have a website”.  I almost couldn’t fathom it.  “Not even a crappy website?” I asked.  “Nope, nada.  Not even a do-it-yourself WordPress site”.

But how can that be?  For a business not to have a website, they would have had to have missed the memo from Al Gore that he invented the internet.  And why do those website challenged business owners think that all of those people are constantly playing with their Smart Phones?  To see if they are getting a phone call?  Mobile access baby, that’s what we are talking about.  Continue reading

Why Reputation Management Is Important to Your Business

Don't let a bad reputation haunt you!

Don’t let a bad reputation haunt you!

When you were in High School, you probably had a reputation of some sort.  Nerd, Jock, Brain, you remember. But now you are all grown up and you have invested a great deal of time, effort and money into your business. You have put a lot of things on the backburner in order to turn your dream of running a successful business into a reality. You have finally reached a point in your career where you feel like all of your hard work has paid off.  You have created a brand, established yourself as an expert in your niche and you have come to the point where your business is able to pretty much speak for itself.

Then one day, you find that your sales are dwindling; you aren’t attracting as much business as you once were and you can’t help but wonder why. You are offering the same services as you always have, so what gives?  Then you spot it; a negative review or two about your business from an irate customer who you wouldn’t be able to please, even if you offered your services on a gold plate with a silver spoon.  It’s like being back in High School again, and someone is spreading malicious gossip behind your back.

The Impact of a Negative Reputation

Even if you have provided exceptional service each and every time, and you have 98 five-star reviews out of 100, those 2 one-star reviews and negative comments can have a huge impact on the success of your business. Continue reading

Increase Conversion Rate Or Buy More Leads?

Increasing Conversion Rate will lower PPC BudgetEvery business can use more leads.  After all, that is what SEO is all about, getting more people to click onto your site from Search Engine Results.  But what about Pay Per Click (PPC)?  If you want more leads, should you just increase your PPC budget and buy more clicks, or, should you optimize your Landing Page so that you increase conversions?  Good question.  Let’s explore the implications of doing both, and determine which strategy will do more to enhance your bottom line.

Buying More Leads With The Same Crappy Conversion Rate

Buying more leads is pretty straight forward.  If you have a weekly budget of $500, and each click costs you $1, then 500 people or leads will click through to your Landing Page.  If you have a conversion rate of 2%, then 10 people will convert and buy your product, sign up for your newsletter, or whatever the conversion is for your page.  It follows that if you want to increase your conversions to 15 per week, then based on your current conversion rate, you would need to spend $750 per week to get 750 leads.  For 20 conversions it would be $1,000 per week, for 40 conversions $2,000 per week, and so on.  Continue reading