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SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is important for Rockford IL businesses who want to rank well on Google’s Search Engine for keywords related to their business.

Victim Of The Negative SEO Assassin?

Don't let the Negative SEO Assassin kill your website!

Don’t let the Negative SEO Assassin kill your website!

About a month ago, SEO operatives were abuzz about the latest stick in the eye from Google.  Once again, the nefarious beast Penguin was unleashed in a refreshed 3.0 version to basically check up on sites that had been previously penalized to see if they have gotten their act together.  Of course newer sites were also scrutinized and fell under the Penguin axe if found lacking.  Some conspiracy theorists even claim that Penguin’s pal Panda tagged along to create some havoc as well.  Who knows?  Matt Cutts never tells us exactly what Google is doing, so speculation runs rampant and we either bemoan the ramifications of shoddy SEO or rejoice when our websites jump in the rankings.  Who ever thought that SEO could be so cloak and dagger?

What Is Negative SEO?

Now some SEO magicians who had their websites obliterated from the rankings staunchly have claimed that they were operating under the strict graces of Google.  So how could their sites have tanked so badly?  Well, one possibility is that they, or their sites to be specific, were the victims of Negative SEO.  Pray tell, what is Negative SEO you ask?  Let me lay it out for you.  Negative SEO is when a competitor, rival company, malicious SEO dweeb, etc. directs some nasty spammy links to your site, usually in horrendous quantities, for the sole purpose of torpedoing your website’s Google rankings.  It can even be accomplished inadvertently when links are purchased from not so reliable sources that claim to have “Penguin friendly” or “Google safe” links but in reality are selling, to put it bluntly, nothing but crappy links that Google will spot like a dog turd in the snow.  Continue reading

5 Quick Tips To Enhance Your Website’s SEO

Here are 5 killer SEO tips!
Here are 5 killer SEO tips!

This week I am kind of busy working on some Local SEO projects, but I still wanted to get some useful info out to my loyal readers.  I started thinking about some of the tips that I have picked up fairly recently pertaining to maintaining and optimizing my websites, and I thought for this post I would share a few that you may not be familiar with.  You know what they say, that if you can get at least one good idea out of a book, article, etc., then it was worth the effort to read it.  So, I basically have a one in five shot to make this read worth your while.  So, without further delay, following are 5 ways that you can help to enhance the SEO of your website or blog.  Let’s get going.

Here are your 5 SEO tips

Link your photos back to your domain.  When you imbed a photo or graphic on a page or post, a default link is created that links it to a page just for that photo with no navigation options.  Try clicking on a photo on most websites and you will get a page showing just that photo.  This is set up by default in WordPress and other platforms.  To avoid this, when you insert the photo into your WordPress post or page, edit the photo by clicking on its’ upper left corner.  Change the default setting where it says “Link To” to “Custom URL Setting”, and then change the default link to a link back to your domain.   You can link the photo to your homepage or any other page that may be relevant.  This keeps someone from navigating away from your site when they click on a photo, where the only option is to click the back button or move on to another site.  This can potentially increase your Bounce Rate.  If your images are indexed traffic could be directed to the non-navigable page as well.  The default link can also be disabled via various means, including a plugin or having your web developer do it.  Continue reading

Are You Suffering From SEO Overload?

Don't fall victim to SEO Overload
Don’t fall victim to SEO Overload

The Internet is a wonderful thing.  There is so much information, much of it free, coming at you at the speed of light, unless you have a slow internet connection.  And in the world of SEO, the information available can be overwhelming.  Blog sites, forums, emails, videos, webcasts, podcasts, e-books, white letters, well, the list goes on and on.  How do you keep up with all of this stuff?  It would be literally impossible to keep up with all of the information coming at you, even if you made it a full time job.  You would have to get up at the crack of dawn, brew a big pot of coffee, and read, read, read all day long.  And by the second day it would be skim, skim, skim.

With so many facets of SEO and Internet Marketing, some kind of strategy must be devised to give proper attention to each component.  So how do you do it? How do you stay up to date with SEO, Local SEO, Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, Video Marketing, Email Marketing and all of the other forms of Internet Marketing? Take a speed reading course?  Unless you are one of those types of people that can read as fast as you can turn a page, it won’t help nearly enough.  So let’s take a look at some basic strategies that you can implement to handle the influx of information contributing to SEO Overload. Continue reading

SEO Just For Search Engines?

As an SEO Consultant, I know the importance of On-Site SEO and optimizing your website or blog so that it ranks for the keywords you want to show up for in the SERPs.  As the previous Local SEO article emphasized, you probably want to go after local long-tailed keywords so that customers can find you when they are looking for your local products or services.  And you want them to find you on Page 1, preferably near or at the top.   But according to some SEO gurus, using long-tail keywords in your content is mandatory, and there are certain places where they must be inserted.  All well and good, if your only “readers” are Google bots.  But what about the human experience?

Does your SEO Consultant spin your content?
Does your SEO Consultant spin your content?

An e-book that I recently read got me thinking about that very thing. It professed that long-tail keywords must be in the title, headings and content of the article.  But are we as webmasters so concerned about what Google thinks of our website and getting high rankings that we will ignore the underlying reason why we created the site to begin with?  Websites are created for people, and how people engage with our sites is what Content Marketing is all about.  So why do we “optimize” our content to make sure that our marketing keywords are strategically inserted even if it makes no sense or negatively affects the reader experience?  Beats the heck out of me.  So let’s take a look at two commonly employed SEO tactics that are not necessarily conducive to reader engagement.   Continue reading

SEO Consultants Don’t Need Snake Oil

There is no magic Snake Oil for SEO Consultants
There is no magic Snake Oil for SEO Consultants

I’ve been an SEO Consultant for a while now, and try to stay abreast of current developments in the Worlds of SEO and Google.  Since I subscribe and opt-in to a lot of content, naturally I am the target of more than a few drip marketing campaigns.  Actually, I am bombarded with e-mail offers for this soft-ware or that e-book or this secret report, all claiming to make my life easier and my bank account fatter.  Usually claiming minimal effort required by me.  And the best part?  If I act now, there are 3, no 2, no only 1 copy left at the ridiculously low price of almost nothing.  Can’t beat that!  And if they are really good, there will be a time clock ticking down the opportunity to buy such a marvelous product.  Where’s my credit card.

No, my name isn’t Rube Moore, and I learned many years ago that if it sounds too good to be true, then run like hell in the opposite direction.  But once in a while, a subject line is too intriguing to pass on opening the email, and usually the content lists many marvelous things that will be gained by buying the product.  A typical e-mail may contain a list of benefits such as

  • Gain Page 1 rankings overnite!
  • Crush your competitors using their own keywords!
  • Drive a million new visitors to your site with higher conversions!
  • Learn the secret Google ranking formula that only Matt Cutts knows!
  • Make $1,000 a day on autopilot without even having a website or a product!
  • Work a lot less and earn a lot more as an SEO Consultant!
  • Google Page 1 in One Minute!  (Actual email received today)
  • And much, much more! Continue reading