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SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is important for Rockford IL businesses who want to rank well on Google’s Search Engine for keywords related to their business.

Bad Customer Service Is Bad SEO

Make Customer Service Strongest Link In SEO Chain
Make Customer Service Strongest Link In SEO Chain

OK Larry, you’ve got me this time.  What the heck does Customer Service have to do with SEO?  I mean, I know that you are an SEO Consultant, but does everything have to do with SEO?  What’s next, “Bad Hair Day Is Bad SEO”?  Well, glad you asked, even if I put the words in your mouth.  Customer Service is the end-all of good SEO.  Without excellent or even good customer service, all of your SEO efforts are for naught.  Let me explain, and then I will share with you a personal experience about how bad customer service cost an SEO company some business.

Why Is Customer Service Important To SEO?

We all know that customer service is important to a business, because when we are on the receiving end of bad customer service, we can’t wait to tell our friends, family and associates about it.

“48% of customers who have had a bad experience will tell 10 other people about it.”

That statistic should get your head a nodding, open your eyes, or scare the stuffing out of you.  If you are in the second or third category, then you really need to pay attention.  Continue reading

SEO Consultants Rely On Webmaster Tools

Good SEO Consultants are worth their weight in Gold
Good SEO Consultants are worth their weight in Gold

SEO Consultants rely on a myriad of tools to analyze and measure the performance of their client’s websites.  As far as the cost of these tools, well, they run the gamut from being free to quite expensive.  As far as the free ones, many are worth exactly what you pay for them, unless you “upgrade”.  Not in the case of Google Webmaster Tools.  In a previous article, we talked a little bit about Google Analytics and how it is a great tool for measuring traffic, determining its source and finding out what kind of content it is drawn to.  SEO Consultants can take their analysis a step further with Google Webmaster Tools.  There are too many features to adequately do them all justice in a single blog post, so we will concentrate on a few tools that will help you optimize your site for your chosen keywords.  But to summarize, following is a partial list of tools you can utilize in your account.

Webmaster Tools allows you to:

  • Submit your sitemap
  • See the external links to your site’s pages
  • See the internal links to your pages
  • See your most linked to content
  • See what Keywords have significance on your site
  • Check the Index Status of your site
  • See the Keywords your pages show for in SERPs and the click through rates
  • Check for Crawl Errors and Blocked URLs
  • Check or generate a robots.txt file
  • And more!

With all of these wonderful tools, probably the most useful, in my humble opinion, are the ones that help you to optimize your site for the keywords that you want to rank for.  So, let’s take a look at how to determine if you are on the right track with your SEO and if your SEO Consultant is worth his or her weight in gold. Continue reading

Snippets and Rich Snippets Give Them a Taste

Senor Snippet says "Come Inside, Amigo"!
Senor Snippet says “Come Inside, Amigo”!

When you were a youngster hanging around your mother’s kitchen, particularly when she was baking, you probably tried to stick your finger in the mixing bowl when she wasn’t looking for a taste.  It gave you an idea of how scrumptious the cake she was baking was going to be.  Or, maybe she wasn’t a good baker and let you know not to have any of that cake.  Well, that’s kind of what Snippets are like.  They give internet searchers a taste of the luscious content on the page they are describing.   However, if the Snippet is not relative to the search query, or is boring or uninviting, the searcher will go to the next result hoping for a more appetizing sample.

Snippets 101

So, what exactly are Snippets?  Snippets, as they pertain to search engine results, are the lines of text under each result that are supposed to describe its content.  It should tell the searcher what it is and why it is relevant to their search.  It should also entice the searcher to click on that result.  Now, why did I interject “supposed” and “should” into my description?  Continue reading

SEO Dominance With Google Analytics

Calling Dr. SEO, report to Google Analytics
Calling Dr. SEO, report to Google Analytics

When it comes to SEO and Google, there usually doesn’t seem to be any logic.  Take for example Google Analytics.  There are a couple of sayings that usually prove to be true: “There’s no such thing as a free lunch” and “You get what you pay for”.  But every once in a while you come across an exception to the rule, and Google Analytics is one of those exceptions.  It is a free tool that Google provides to SEO Webmasters to analyze their sites and see how much and what kind of traffic they are getting.   And even though it is a free lunch, it is one heck of a banquet.

Installing Google Analytics on your website is pretty simple, basically just entering some code that GA provides.  You can do it manually, some sites make it easy as part of the set-up, or you can use a plug-in.  But that is not the thrust of this article.  We are going to take a look at how you can increase the traffic to your site and improve your SEO using the free tools at your disposal.  We are going to do this by first finding your most visited pages and second, finding out where your traffic is coming from.

SEO your best performing pages

The first thing we want to do after our site has had Google Analytics installed for a period of time is to take a look at our pages and see which ones have been receiving the most traffic.  Log into your Google Analytics account, click on “All Web Site Data” for the site that you want to analyze, and then Continue reading

What The Google Kind Of SEO Is This?

Can your SEO Guru pull page 1 ranking out of his hat?
Can your SEO Guru pull page 1 ranking out of his hat?

Ever since Panda and Penguin became the scourge of the internet search engine, you know, the only one that really counts, they have been an SEO nightmare.  No more linking your way to the top, at least not for websites that are not shielded in a Kevlar Vest of High Authority.  If you want to get on the first page search engine results with Google, you better be doing it slowly with high quality, relative content and non-spammy links.  What is a non- spammy link?  Well, according to Google, links that were created by readers of your marvelous content that just couldn’t keep from linking to your article, blog post, webpage, whatever.  Buying links or creating links for ranking purposes are not included under that definition. A little sarcastic?  Perhaps, but you aint seen nothin yet!

So, what is an SEO magician to do if their client wants to make it to the top without having to wait for the Second Coming?  After all, aren’t we telling our clients that our White Hat SEO methods, while in compliance with Google and safe from retribution, are very slow and any real results will take months, and perhaps lots of them?  Other than trying to game the system for website ranking, such as buying links, buying website traffic,  etc., etc., what are some options for getting on Page One of the search results?  Well, here are three arrows for your SEO quiver to get you noticed by the inquiring minds on the internet. Continue reading