Do You Have a 15 Second Unique Selling Proposition?

Got a 15 Second Unique Selling Proposition?

Got a 15 Second Unique Selling Proposition?

15 seconds, that’s all you have to gain a consumer’s attention. That doesn’t sound very long, does it? You’re right, it’s not. But that’is all the time you have to gain the leading edge on your competition. Unless you have the most unique business in existence, one that no other company has ever even thought of, you have competition for every consumer’s attention. Because consumers today are busy individuals, they move fast – almost like lightening. Knowing that, how do you capture the necessary attention of consumers? It’s easily accomplished through the use of a Unique Selling Proposition.

More than Unique

Sometimes your Unique Selling Proposition is not your unique product or service, but simply what makes you better than the competition. You could have identical products, but if your customer service, value added services or any other aspect of your product is better or stronger – then that is your Unique Selling Proposition. Everyone has something that sets them apart – the difficult part is figuring out what that is and determining how to sell it.

Don’t Worry About Price

Everyone today seems very focused on price, especially in this economy. Yes, consumers want the lowest price possible, but how many of you are willing to sacrifice a few dollars to obtain more benefits? Chances are many of you are nodding your head right now. That’s the reason you should not focus on price, but on your USP. Make your benefits known to the world; this will make price a secondary consideration because consumers will suddenly be unable to live without your product or service.

Focus on your Customers

When you focus on your customers, you will get a better idea of what it is they value and what made them your customer. This should then become your focus. If your USP enticed your current customers, then it stands to reason that it will entice hundreds or even thousands of new customers to turn to your product.  It’s all in the marketing, not in the pricing. Put pricing on the back burner and truly focus on what it is that consumers want.

Now, what are you going to do with those 15 precious seconds that you have in front of consumers? Learn to make the most of that short amount of time by focusing on the USP – your revenues and bottom line will definitely thank you.