Are You Playing Chicken With SEO?

Don't Play Chicken With Your SEO!

Don’t Play Chicken With Your SEO!

OK, we’ve talked about SEO in the Wake of Panda and Penguin.  I thought that it was pretty clear to everyone that the old strategy of buying spammy links in large quantities to drive your website to page one ranking in days instead of weeks or months was as dead as honesty in politics.  I also thought that we all understood that content is King and that if you write it, they will come.  I know, that last part is a bit of a stretch.

So why do I keep coming across articles and courses by so called SEO gurus who keep recommending that webmasters purchase Social Bookmarks and High PR links in the thousands?  Not to mention Likes and YouTube views and any other type of affirmation that says hey, my content is a lot more popular than it really is? Why, because it still works.  Now hold on, that wasn’t an endorsement, just a statement of fact.  Buying all of those spammy links and Social Affirmations is like buying votes in an election.  If you win and don’t get caught, well, hey, good for you.  But if you do get caught, deny, deny, deny.  Oops, I mean there can be a heavy price to pay.

There are many reasons why some SEO gurus keep on recommending Black Hat SEO techniques and why websites still exist that sell those spammy links and Likes.  Because some webmasters are still buying into the “faster is better” philosophy and are willing to Play Chicken with their SEO.  Let’s look at a few of the reasons.

My SEO Kung Fu is better than yours

Everyone thinks they know better, are smarter and can beat the system.  At least that seems to be true in the world of SEO.  A common justification that you will hear or read is: “It hasn’t bitten me in the butt yet!”  Like the old joke about the man falling from a 100 story building saying “so far, so good”, eventually your Black Hat SEO is going to hit the pavement.

It’s a new website or landing page, so not much risk.  Some webmasters would be much more hesitant to use Black Hat SEO on their older, established sites than they would be on their new sites.  So what if they blow up their new site or landing page, they can just buy a new domain and start over.  And that does make some sense on the surface.  But here is where it falls apart.  If you get caught right away, then your investment is minimal and starting over is easier with less loss.  But what if it takes a while before getting caught?  What if you spend a year, two years, five years building a presence and credibility in search engines, only to come crashing down when the jig is finally up?  Oh-oh, guess I have to tell the boss that our awesome website just went bye-bye.  Hmm, where’s my resume?

It’s so much easier and faster buying your way to the top.  Not much more really needs to be said, but that never stops me.  White Hat SEO is not easy.  If you adhere to the letter of the Google law, every one of a website’s inbound links should be natural, and some of the natural ones should be no-follow.  Creating great content that other sites will want to link to is not easy.  Buying a bunch of links is really easy.  You do the math.

The bigger you are, the more Google will let you get away with.  A recent article by Nenad SEO examines this hypothesis in detail.  The most plausible explanation is that Google will let a certain percentage of your links “slide” if they are not of the greatest quality or are downright garbage.
After all, nobody is perfect.  And the bigger you are, the more slack you will receive as far as total number of bad links.  But if you are not so big, the tolerance level is commensurate with your size (and clout?).  So if you are a little guy in the scheme of things, and don’t have a bunch of high quality links to offset those spammy links you have been buying, look out.  Unless of course you are spending a ton of money on Google Adwords (did I just write that?).  Maybe you’ll get a little more slack, but that’s just speculation and I wouldn’t bank my website on it.

SEO Masters keep selling “Fast And Easy Google Ranking” courses.  You’ve seen a version of it.  Some super-duper course claiming that you can get your site ranked on page one in 24 hours.  Guess How? You’ve got it.  So why do the SEO gurus keep selling these types of courses?  Because who is going to buy the real deal titled “Slow Google Ranking After Lots Of Hard Work”.

I’m sure there are other reasons why webmasters continue to Play Chicken with their SEO, but these cover some of the main justifications for SEO suicide.  But let’s face it, if it were easy, everyone would be on page one for more than a little while.  It takes hard work and a willingness to not take shortcuts, following the path of the White Hat SEO cowboy. Do so and your website will have happy trails on Google’s Search Engine for the whole trail drive.  Yippy Ki Yay!

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