SEO Consultants Don’t Need Snake Oil

There is no magic Snake Oil for SEO Consultants
There is no magic Snake Oil for SEO Consultants

I’ve been an SEO Consultant for a while now, and try to stay abreast of current developments in the Worlds of SEO and Google.  Since I subscribe and opt-in to a lot of content, naturally I am the target of more than a few drip marketing campaigns.  Actually, I am bombarded with e-mail offers for this soft-ware or that e-book or this secret report, all claiming to make my life easier and my bank account fatter.  Usually claiming minimal effort required by me.  And the best part?  If I act now, there are 3, no 2, no only 1 copy left at the ridiculously low price of almost nothing.  Can’t beat that!  And if they are really good, there will be a time clock ticking down the opportunity to buy such a marvelous product.  Where’s my credit card.

No, my name isn’t Rube Moore, and I learned many years ago that if it sounds too good to be true, then run like hell in the opposite direction.  But once in a while, a subject line is too intriguing to pass on opening the email, and usually the content lists many marvelous things that will be gained by buying the product.  A typical e-mail may contain a list of benefits such as

  • Gain Page 1 rankings overnite!
  • Crush your competitors using their own keywords!
  • Drive a million new visitors to your site with higher conversions!
  • Learn the secret Google ranking formula that only Matt Cutts knows!
  • Make $1,000 a day on autopilot without even having a website or a product!
  • Work a lot less and earn a lot more as an SEO Consultant!
  • Google Page 1 in One Minute!  (Actual email received today)
  • And much, much more!

You get the drift.  And even though the claims can sometimes sound absolutely ridiculous, every once in a while a little nugget of truth will hook me into logging in to my Paypal account.  It isn’t that I’m looking for that top secret method or fast way to riches.  For the low entry point of $5.03 or whatever odd number they come up with that will spur my purchase, I figure that I can pick up at least one nugget of valuable information.  And if not, well, it was only five bucks.  If the copy is compelling enough, what the heck, let’s give it a go.  But more times than not, those nuggets turn out to be fool’s gold, and I keep telling myself “never again”.

Link Building for SEO Consultants

I recently got hooked into another low dollar purchase for an e-book that claimed to provide “Unreal Backlinks”.  I don’t remember what it was that compelled me to purchase it; something in the list of benefits looked like it might be of interest no doubt.  But as usual, there were no secrets, and there was nothing unreal about the link building tips.  In fact, the best link building tip of all time, according to this e-book, was to come up with 5 reasons someone should link to your site.  Basically, if you can’t come up with those 5 reasons, your site has real problems and you need to start working on your content.  Wow! What a breakthrough!  If I send you another 5 bucks will you tell me to make my content interesting and engaging to my readers?  Oops, I could have put that tip in an e-book and charged a couple of bucks.

The whole point of this article, other than to kind of jettison some frustration with these SEO snake oil salesmen, is that there really aren’t any “secrets” so to speak when it comes to White Hat SEO.  Build a website that is designed to be engaging to your visitors, and that literally is half the battle.  Yes, there are tools and widgets and nuances that can make your job a little easier, but there is no Batman Utility Belt that will help you skyrocket your site to massive traffic and conversions.  As least that I’ve found.  And if you would like to take a sensible approach to your SEO with the help of an SEO Consultant, contact Moore Marketing Systems or schedule a free 30 minute consultation.