Are You Suffering From SEO Overload?

Don't fall victim to SEO Overload
Don’t fall victim to SEO Overload

The Internet is a wonderful thing.  There is so much information, much of it free, coming at you at the speed of light, unless you have a slow internet connection.  And in the world of SEO, the information available can be overwhelming.  Blog sites, forums, emails, videos, webcasts, podcasts, e-books, white letters, well, the list goes on and on.  How do you keep up with all of this stuff?  It would be literally impossible to keep up with all of the information coming at you, even if you made it a full time job.  You would have to get up at the crack of dawn, brew a big pot of coffee, and read, read, read all day long.  And by the second day it would be skim, skim, skim.

With so many facets of SEO and Internet Marketing, some kind of strategy must be devised to give proper attention to each component.  So how do you do it? How do you stay up to date with SEO, Local SEO, Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, Video Marketing, Email Marketing and all of the other forms of Internet Marketing? Take a speed reading course?  Unless you are one of those types of people that can read as fast as you can turn a page, it won’t help nearly enough.  So let’s take a look at some basic strategies that you can implement to handle the influx of information contributing to SEO Overload.

Prioritize your SEO

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and if Spartacus had his way, it would have taken more than a day to tear it down as well.  So don’t try to be an expert or get up to speed on everything at once.  Choose what is currently most important and learn as much as you can about that topic first.  If you are trying to establish a local presence for your business, start with Local SEO and learn as much as you can about what it takes to rank your business website in the local search results.  Find out which local citations are best and hold the most authority for your business.  Find out how to optimize your Google + Local listing.  Learn how to establish a 5 Star Reviews campaign.  Read up on how a Reputation Management program can benefit your company.  And then stay abreast of new information and updates as they are made available, often free courtesy of the good ole internet.

Specialize for better SEO

Even with prioritization, at some point you are going to become saturated as you expand into other areas.  Once you have Local SEO under control, Social Media Marketing may be the next platform that you want to tackle, and then perhaps Email marketing.  As the list grows, so does the time required to do them all justice.  Getting up to speed and staying up to speed as your SEO base expands would require some kind of a psychic connection to Matt Cutts and the Geek Squad combined.  So why not just pick one area and specialize in it, becoming really good at it and knowing everything about it, or at least almost everything?  Every time a Local SEO article or email or webinar comes out, you are on it.  When Google came out with its new Pigeon update, everyone asked you what it was all about.  Be the go-to person for that niche of Internet Marketing within your organization and watch your progress soar.  But what about the other internet platforms, aren’t they important also?  Glad you asked, since it provides a segue into our third strategy for avoiding SEO Overload.

Hire an Expert

Hire an expert, why didn’t I think of that?  Well, actually I did, which is why I continually promote my Free 30 minute consultation.  I have a philosophy at work and at home that I try to abide by.  If I don’t know how to do it or I am not very good at it, and I want it done well, I hire an expert.  I know, not very earth shattering, but you would be surprised how many people don’t follow that advice.  Take my wife for instance.  She decided that the two overgrown bushes in front of our house needed to be trimmed.  I didn’t think anything of it when she said she was going to do it last weekend.  Well, I came home from the gym Sunday afternoon to see two really ugly looking hacked up bushes where two nice looking ones used to be.  One look and I knew that we should have hired a landscaper, or otherwise known as an expert in horticultural coiffure.  If we had hired an expert, I wouldn’t be embarrassed to be seen mowing our front yard.

SEO is no different.  If you want it done right, if you want to see measureable results, and if you want the latest and greatest up to date techniques, hire an expert.  Otherwise, you or someone in your company will need to not only become an expert, but keep up to date on all of the changes, primarily from Google, that may affect your SEO efforts.   So unless you have an SEO department dedicated to the implementation and research of all that encompasses the wonderful world of search engine optimization, once again, leave it to an expert.  Otherwise, the dangers of SEO Overload may come crashing down on your head like a ton of tuna, or if you prefer bricks.  And the end result would be out of date marketing methods, decreasing organic listings and traffic, and just a stinky situation, especially if you don’t like tuna.