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Anchor Text Distribution For Local SEO

Don't let Anchor Text sink your Local SEO!
Don’t let Anchor Text sink your Local SEO!

If you ask a hundred different Local SEO consultants “What anchor text distribution is best for inbound links?” you will likely get a hundred different answers.  Back in the day, before mean old Google started handing out spankings for over optimization, the answer would have been “Use the keywords that you are trying to rank for on search engine results”.  So if you were trying to rank for “Cheap Hotel Rooms”, then that keyword phrase was what you used for the anchor text of your links.  Seems pretty easy, right?  Well, Google doesn’t like easy.  Google not only wants you to earn your links, they (he, it whatever) wants you to have a “natural” anchor text distribution for your links.  What does this all mean?  What is anchor text?  What is anchor text distribution?  Let’s take a couple of moments to break it down.

Anchor Text Influences Local SEO

Anchor text, as it relates to inbound links, is the verbiage that is used in the link itself.  One of the most common anchor texts is “Click Here”.  It became apparent some time ago to SEO consultants that generic anchor text like “Click Here” would be no help at all to Local SEO or any other type of SEO.  It didn’t give Google any information about what the link or the site it was being directed to was all about.  So some brilliant SEO consultant (no, not me) came up with the idea that if you used the keywords that you were trying to optimize your site for as the anchor text for inbound links, well, Google would be all over that and your site would get a boost in terms of relevancy for those keywords in the search engine results.  Soon, everyone and their brothers were flooding the internet with highly optimized anchor text links, which means far too many links looked like our “Cheap Hotel Rooms” anchor text example.  Continue reading