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Local SEO Killed… Part 2: Resurrection

Friendly Customer Service is Good Local SEO
Friendly Customer Service is Good Local SEO

Last week I went off on a little rant about my un-favorite internet service provider Comcast.  And yes, I am done being coy about the name of the company.  We discussed how Local SEO is dependent upon your local reputation of not only your product or service, but your customer service as well.  Clearly, as was evident in my previous diatribe, Comcast had dropped the ball in the customer service department.  In fact their product, in this case their internet service, was also lacking, which is what precipitated the whole ordeal to begin with.  None of this would have happened had I not called the support desk several times to resolve an internet service issue and had been finally convinced to change my package of services.  What was I thinking?

Since that article was written, I did make my way over to the service center to turn in the modem.  The impetus was my discovery that one of our TV cable boxes was not HD compatible, so I needed to exchange that box anyway.  It made it so much more palatable to justify my presence there as not being because of the internet modem fiasco, but because of the cable box exchange necessity.  Kind of like, “Oh, and while I’m here, I might as well turn in this internet modem that has been sitting around my office.”  And who would have thunk it, but while I was there, anticipating the worst, I would be pleasantly surprised by their Local SEO upgrade to: “Well, that wasn’t so bad”? Continue reading

Local SEO Killed By Bad Customer Service

Customer Service is part of the Local SEO Package!
Customer Service is part of the Local SEO Package!

OK, time for another rant.  If you have read any of my articles, you know that Local SEO is dependent on the reputation that a company has, particularly as it is exhibited on line.  This reputation is won not only by the quality of the product or service sold by the company, but also by the customer service provided by that company.  So, what happens when a company provides terrible customer service, to the point that they act as if they don’t care one whit about what their customers think about them?  I’ll tell you what, they develop a bad reputation and their Local SEO is severely compromised.

Here’s my story, and I’ll try to keep it brief, but probably not.  I was having some problems with my internet service provider about a month ago.  For some reason, they were blocking access to my business websites.  I could access them with another service provider, just not mine.  And it was not just from my IP address either.  But that is not the issue that prompted this rant.  While calling more than once to resolve this problem (happened two weeks in a row), they kept telling me that I was overpaying for my services and could save a significant amount of money by bundling my services, both internet and cable TV.

Local SEO begins to die a slow death

Against my better judgment, because somehow I knew they would screw things up (I’ve dealt with this company off and on for many years) I relented and changed to the packaged service.  While setting things up over the phone, the conversation turned to my internet modem.  I already owned one when this company took over service in our area, and my bill always reflected an owned modem, which meant no rental fee.  So when the customer service rep brought up the modem, I emphasized that I did not need a new modem as I already owned one.  I even told him to check my current account to see that it was reflected in my billing statements.  He assured me that the modem rental was removed from my package, and that we were good to go.  Well, you know where this is going, don’t you? Continue reading

Bad Customer Service Is Bad SEO

Make Customer Service Strongest Link In SEO Chain
Make Customer Service Strongest Link In SEO Chain

OK Larry, you’ve got me this time.  What the heck does Customer Service have to do with SEO?  I mean, I know that you are an SEO Consultant, but does everything have to do with SEO?  What’s next, “Bad Hair Day Is Bad SEO”?  Well, glad you asked, even if I put the words in your mouth.  Customer Service is the end-all of good SEO.  Without excellent or even good customer service, all of your SEO efforts are for naught.  Let me explain, and then I will share with you a personal experience about how bad customer service cost an SEO company some business.

Why Is Customer Service Important To SEO?

We all know that customer service is important to a business, because when we are on the receiving end of bad customer service, we can’t wait to tell our friends, family and associates about it.

“48% of customers who have had a bad experience will tell 10 other people about it.”

That statistic should get your head a nodding, open your eyes, or scare the stuffing out of you.  If you are in the second or third category, then you really need to pay attention.  Continue reading