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Internet Marketing 2014: Invest or Die

Don't let this happen to your Internet Marketing program!

OK, pretty dramatic, I know.  Of course it’s not true in a literal sense, but in a general sense it is.  If you don’t invest in marketing, particularly internet marketing, your business will die a slow, unprofitable death.  Bold words, internet marketing guy, bold words.  Now, maybe you have been investing in internet marketing, and if you have, good for you.  You already know that a good SEO program can drive organic traffic to your site.  You may also have a kick-butt drip marketing campaign due to the free offer you used to collect email addresses.  And lets also give you credit for creating a YouTube marketing campaign that drives targeted traffic to your Landing Page from your high ranking videos on Google’s search engine.  Well done.

I could go on and on about the fantastic tools that are available to you via the wonderful world of internet marketing.  In fact, if you have a mobile business app, I could download it and you could send me some coupons or notifications about upcoming specials or new products. I could even order a monster steak burrito with guacamole with your app, if you happen to have a Mexican restaurant.

But if you aren’t investing in an internet marketing campaign, what are you waiting for?  Throw away that buggy whip and climb down from your carriage and let’s put together a marketing campaign that will increase your revenues for 2014.  Following is a list of some of the internet marketing platforms that you can use to supercharge your marketing for the New Year. Continue reading

Mobile Marketing Is Marketing Of The Future

Mobile Marketing includes AppsMobile Marketing is on the cutting edge of marketing due to the fact that Smartphones and tablets are all the rage these days. In fact, you may even be reading this from one of those devices right now! Mobile devices make connecting to the World Wide Web a whole lot easier, and they have really changed the way that businesses do business.

Obviously, marketing is exceptionally important for a business. It helps to get the word out about the products and services that a merchant offers, boosting their exposure, their conversions and ultimately, their success. There are tons of different marketing platforms, and the advent of mobile devices has brought in a whole new platform: mobile marketing.

What Exactly is Mobile Marketing?

As the name suggests, mobile marketing refers to the type of marketing that is done on mobile devices and consists of ads and websites that are displayed on smartphones and tablets. The style and format of these ads and sites are customized so that they display properly on different mobile devices, allowing users to have the best experience with them. Continue reading

The Power Of Video Marketing

Video Marketing enhances your business presence.If you use the World Wide Web at all (which obviously, you do), you have no doubt heard of YouTube and other versions of video sharing sites. Believe it or not, these sites have become a key point in marketing in the 21st century. In fact, video marketing has become so effective that it has been found to be even more powerful than written content.

What is the reason behind the power of video marketing? The simple truth is that the general public would much rather watch an informative video that tells them about a product, a service or how to do something than they want to read an article that offers the exact same information. That is not to say that written content is no longer king, but video marketing is quickly becoming an extremely effective and popular marketing tool. In fact, video marketing can be so powerful that not using it to promote your products and services can actually have a negative impact on the success of your business.

How to Effectively Use Video Marketing

Since video marketing is so powerful, you are likely interested in using it to promote your business, if you haven’t already. While anyone can create a video and post it on social networking sites, if you really want your video marketing efforts to have a successful impact on your business, you have to employ some specific tactics. These tactics will help get your video noticed and drive even more success to your business.

So, what are these tactics? Let’s take a look: Continue reading

Internet Marketing vs Traditional Marketing

Internet Marketing beats Traditional MarketingTraditional forms of marketing certainly have created their fair share of success; however, in today’s world, traditional sales tactics – direct mail, telemarketing, the old ABC technique (Always Be Closing) and the like – have become quite antiquated. Why? – Because these traditional sales tactics try to close the deal as soon as a lead is made. They are considered cold, impersonal and even a bit, no make that a lot pushy. While there are some markets that still do benefit from these forms of sales and marketing, nowadays there has been a great shift in the world of sales towards Internet marketing.

What is Internet Marketing

Internet marketing is the “modern day” sales process. It uses the Internet in a variety of ways as a means to market, promote and sell products. An Internet marketing campaign often includes methods such as email marketing, social media marketing, and content marketing, all of which draw prospects and enter them into a sales funnel.  This funnel introduces them to a product or service and continually nurtures them until they become buyers. Internet marketing has been around for some time, but in recent years, it has really become the bread and butter of sales and marketing. Continue reading

Internet Marketing Is Traditional Marketing’s Best Friend

Internet and Traditional Marketing are Best FriendsMany people make the mistake of looking at traditional marketing and internet marketing as two separate entities. This could lead to lost leads and sales. There is a direct relationship between the two and understanding how they can be integrated will help you to bring your business to the next level.

Traditional Marketing

Let’s take a look at your traditional marketing methods, whether you use direct mail marketing, traditional media advertising, telemarketing or a combination of multiple venues. Your goal with any type of marketing is to gain the attention of the consumer. You present a unique offer, something that your target audience cannot refuse. Now you need them to react. What better way to stir a reaction than to present them with a method to get something tangible right now? Make them an offer to enhance their senses and their awareness of your company. Whether you have an ad that directs your audience to your landing page, you offer a coupon via email in exchange for their contact information or a 24-hour recorded message with the ability to opt in to your marketing offers; they are all directly related to internet marketing. Continue reading