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Make An Offer They Can’t Refuse!

You're gonna like my offer!

You’re gonna like my offer!

Once you’ve gotten the attention of the prospect with your Unique Selling Proposition, what’s next? What makes prospects want to continue to learn more about your company? If you do not offer anything that will grab their attention in a short amount of time, you could be sending them off to your competitors. That’s where Step 2 of our Four Step Marketing Program comes into play. Let’s identify your platform and offer.

A mistake that many businesses make is ignoring their prospective buyers. Does this shock you? It might, because not everyone understands the term prospective buyer to its full extent. There is a full gamut of these types of buyers. There are those that have made a decision and are ready to make a purchase, those that are still on the fence, and those that are just getting their feet wet. If you ignore those that are just learning about the services or products that you have to offer – you are losing a large amount of potential business.

So, what can you do?  Continue reading

This Root Won’t Cure a Bad Offer

What is the root of your offer?

What is the root of your offer?

Recently, I have been receiving a lot of emails (I know, hard to believe) that have led with an enticing subject line, but little else.  Generally, they are for some type of affiliate sponsored product that promises to do something wonderful if you buy it.  Now, the more successful marketers in my estimation are the ones who grab your attention with a provocative headline, such as “Little Known Root Cures What Ails You With A Single Bite”.  To find out more, just click on the link to their landing page, and they provide content about the wonderful benefits of their product.  Not too much, just enough to get you thinking “this is something I’ve got to have”.  But, in order to get the real low-down on this product, such as what it is, how much it costs, why their competitor’s roots are just cheap knock-off roots that will probably make you sick, just provide your name and e-mail address and we will send you our “Special Report” that will reveal all.  I think if I was a competitor, I would offer an “Extra Special Report”, but that’s just me. Continue reading

Pump up that Offer!

No Offer? What a dumbell!

No Offer? What a dumbell!

Something that has always baffled me is how anyone could mistreat or ignore someone who is putting money in their pocket.  That would apply to an employer, a vendor, even a spouse (well, perhaps not a spouse).  And in marketing, who are the most important prospects that you have in your data base?  Your current clients.  Whether they are nurtured for repeat business, renewed business, collateral business (and don’t forget referrals), they are they ones who were impressed with your Unique Selling Proposition enough to buy from you initially, and are the best candidates to buy from you again. Continue reading