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The Value Of Local SEO

What is the Value of Local SEO?
What is the Value of Local SEO?

As a Local SEO Consultant, I know the benefits of Local SEO.  With the right strategies in place, a business can have a firm foothold on Google Page 1 search engine results for their niche in their market.  And what this means is that anyone searching for their product or service on the internet in their area is likely to visit their website and potentially become a customer.  It’s what’s called Inbound Traffic and Conversion.  And since it is Organic traffic, it is theoretically free, but we all know that is not really the case. At least I haven’t started doing Local SEO work pro bono.

Yes, that was a very simplified explanation of what Local SEO can do for a company.  For a more detailed explanation, please see my article “Compete With The Big Dogs With Local SEO Marketing”.  But now that we have covered the benefits, what about the added value to a business?  After all, marketing is not just about the ebb and flow and conversion of prospects.  It is also about how the public perceives a business as well as the reputation of the business.  These are the intangibles of marketing that also play a role on the Internet.   So if I haven’t lost you yet, allow me to explain in a little more detail what I mean about value in contrast to the benefits of Local SEO. Continue reading

Local SEO Killed… Part 2: Resurrection

Friendly Customer Service is Good Local SEO
Friendly Customer Service is Good Local SEO

Last week I went off on a little rant about my un-favorite internet service provider Comcast.  And yes, I am done being coy about the name of the company.  We discussed how Local SEO is dependent upon your local reputation of not only your product or service, but your customer service as well.  Clearly, as was evident in my previous diatribe, Comcast had dropped the ball in the customer service department.  In fact their product, in this case their internet service, was also lacking, which is what precipitated the whole ordeal to begin with.  None of this would have happened had I not called the support desk several times to resolve an internet service issue and had been finally convinced to change my package of services.  What was I thinking?

Since that article was written, I did make my way over to the service center to turn in the modem.  The impetus was my discovery that one of our TV cable boxes was not HD compatible, so I needed to exchange that box anyway.  It made it so much more palatable to justify my presence there as not being because of the internet modem fiasco, but because of the cable box exchange necessity.  Kind of like, “Oh, and while I’m here, I might as well turn in this internet modem that has been sitting around my office.”  And who would have thunk it, but while I was there, anticipating the worst, I would be pleasantly surprised by their Local SEO upgrade to: “Well, that wasn’t so bad”? Continue reading

Why Reputation Management Is Important to Your Business

Don't let a bad reputation haunt you!

Don’t let a bad reputation haunt you!

When you were in High School, you probably had a reputation of some sort.  Nerd, Jock, Brain, you remember. But now you are all grown up and you have invested a great deal of time, effort and money into your business. You have put a lot of things on the backburner in order to turn your dream of running a successful business into a reality. You have finally reached a point in your career where you feel like all of your hard work has paid off.  You have created a brand, established yourself as an expert in your niche and you have come to the point where your business is able to pretty much speak for itself.

Then one day, you find that your sales are dwindling; you aren’t attracting as much business as you once were and you can’t help but wonder why. You are offering the same services as you always have, so what gives?  Then you spot it; a negative review or two about your business from an irate customer who you wouldn’t be able to please, even if you offered your services on a gold plate with a silver spoon.  It’s like being back in High School again, and someone is spreading malicious gossip behind your back.

The Impact of a Negative Reputation

Even if you have provided exceptional service each and every time, and you have 98 five-star reviews out of 100, those 2 one-star reviews and negative comments can have a huge impact on the success of your business. Continue reading