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Whaddyah Mean You Don’t Have A Website?

Papa Bruno runs to Rockford SEO Consultant
Papa Bruno runs to Rockford SEO Consultant

I thought I would celebrate a minor milestone by going off on a little rant for our 50th post.  I know, not quite as satisfying as cake and ice cream, but here I go.  The other day a sales associate of ours was telling me about a restaurant owner she had just met with regarding adding our mobile app to his marketing arsenal.  What a great way to reach out to customers.  Having your restaurant’s mobile app downloaded into their cellphones so that every time they get the munchies for your tasty treats, all they have to do is order right from their phones.  Hallelujah!  It’s a miracle.  But then she dropped the bombshell.  “He doesn’t even have a website”.  I almost couldn’t fathom it.  “Not even a crappy website?” I asked.  “Nope, nada.  Not even a do-it-yourself WordPress site”.

But how can that be?  For a business not to have a website, they would have had to have missed the memo from Al Gore that he invented the internet.  And why do those website challenged business owners think that all of those people are constantly playing with their Smart Phones?  To see if they are getting a phone call?  Mobile access baby, that’s what we are talking about.  Continue reading

Internet Marketing 2014: Invest or Die

Don't let this happen to your Internet Marketing program!

OK, pretty dramatic, I know.  Of course it’s not true in a literal sense, but in a general sense it is.  If you don’t invest in marketing, particularly internet marketing, your business will die a slow, unprofitable death.  Bold words, internet marketing guy, bold words.  Now, maybe you have been investing in internet marketing, and if you have, good for you.  You already know that a good SEO program can drive organic traffic to your site.  You may also have a kick-butt drip marketing campaign due to the free offer you used to collect email addresses.  And lets also give you credit for creating a YouTube marketing campaign that drives targeted traffic to your Landing Page from your high ranking videos on Google’s search engine.  Well done.

I could go on and on about the fantastic tools that are available to you via the wonderful world of internet marketing.  In fact, if you have a mobile business app, I could download it and you could send me some coupons or notifications about upcoming specials or new products. I could even order a monster steak burrito with guacamole with your app, if you happen to have a Mexican restaurant.

But if you aren’t investing in an internet marketing campaign, what are you waiting for?  Throw away that buggy whip and climb down from your carriage and let’s put together a marketing campaign that will increase your revenues for 2014.  Following is a list of some of the internet marketing platforms that you can use to supercharge your marketing for the New Year. Continue reading

Mobile Marketing Is Marketing Of The Future

Mobile Marketing includes AppsMobile Marketing is on the cutting edge of marketing due to the fact that Smartphones and tablets are all the rage these days. In fact, you may even be reading this from one of those devices right now! Mobile devices make connecting to the World Wide Web a whole lot easier, and they have really changed the way that businesses do business.

Obviously, marketing is exceptionally important for a business. It helps to get the word out about the products and services that a merchant offers, boosting their exposure, their conversions and ultimately, their success. There are tons of different marketing platforms, and the advent of mobile devices has brought in a whole new platform: mobile marketing.

What Exactly is Mobile Marketing?

As the name suggests, mobile marketing refers to the type of marketing that is done on mobile devices and consists of ads and websites that are displayed on smartphones and tablets. The style and format of these ads and sites are customized so that they display properly on different mobile devices, allowing users to have the best experience with them. Continue reading

SEO Top Five Pet Peeves

Sampson is not an SEO Pet Peeve

Sampson is not an SEO Pet Peeve

I have seen just about everything in the world of SEO, but there are a few things that just burn my buns, so I am off on a little rant today. As a professional SEO Consultant and Internet Marketer, it is my job to do the best job I can for my clients in an ethical and White Hat manner.  I am also entitled to be adequately compensated for my hard work as well as for the dedicated work of my staff.  But from time to time I am approached by or receive requests from someone who has a preconceived notion about what is White Hat or ethical that does not jibe with my core philosophies.  And to boot, they must think that Moore Marketing Systems is some type of philanthropic organization!

So, in today’s post I am going to vent a little bit, but not too much, about the Top Five Pet Peeves of mine when it comes to SEO. Not so much to release the angst that has built up after having been confronted by these demons time after time, but more as a lesson on how not to approach both SEO and building a relationship with an SEO Consultant.  So here we go. Continue reading

Rockford SEO Help


Hi, and welcome back to the Rockford Marketing Consultant blog.  This post is going to be a little different than our previous posts, because as you have already noticed, this one includes a YouTube video of yours truly. I figured, rather than just providing a tiny little profile picture for you to gawk at, you can now hear my dulcet tones and see me on the semi- big screen! Actually, now you can see why I am in SEO and Internet Marketing, and not an actor or TV star.

So, what is the point of this YouTube video? It is a very brief introduction to the services that Moore Marketing Systems can offer your company.  If you have read our previous posts, you know that SEO and Internet Marketing is a multi-faceted endeavor.  At Moore Marketing Systems, we pride ourselves in being able to offer a comprehensive solution to your SEO and Marketing needs.  Let’s recap some of the services that we can offer your company. Continue reading