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What Makes Your Business Unique?

Is having the freshest produce in town a good Unique Selling Proposition?
Is having the freshest produce in town a good Unique Selling Proposition?

Often as a Local SEO Consultant I am asked to help businesses drive traffic to their websites.  That’s pretty much what we do in a nutshell.  And there are many posts on this blog site that delve into the ways that is achieved.  But once traffic arrives on your landing page, or your blog post, or your super- duper “Welcome To Our Company” page, what then?  Your website is not like a spider’s web: traffic is not going to stick just because it is there.  You need to give traffic a reason to hang around.  You need to give it a reason to want to do business with your company instead of one that has a website on one of the other nine first page search engine results.  You know what I am talking about.  You need a Unique Selling Proposition, and you need it fast!

Unique Selling Proposition and Local SEO

Yes, we have talked about USPs in several articles going way back in the archives.  But it seems to be a subject that is lost on many businesses, so I will revisit my old friend.  When creating a USP, the emphasis should be on “unique”.  What makes your business stand out above the crowd?  What makes your business the one to do business with above all others?  In other words, why should I buy from you instead of Bill down the street? Continue reading

Do You Have a 15 Second Unique Selling Proposition?

Got a 15 Second Unique Selling Proposition?

Got a 15 Second Unique Selling Proposition?

15 seconds, that’s all you have to gain a consumer’s attention. That doesn’t sound very long, does it? You’re right, it’s not. But that’is all the time you have to gain the leading edge on your competition. Unless you have the most unique business in existence, one that no other company has ever even thought of, you have competition for every consumer’s attention. Because consumers today are busy individuals, they move fast – almost like lightening. Knowing that, how do you capture the necessary attention of consumers? It’s easily accomplished through the use of a Unique Selling Proposition.

More than Unique

Sometimes your Unique Selling Proposition is not your unique product or service, but simply what makes you better than the competition. You could have identical products, but if your customer service, value added services or any other aspect of your product is better or stronger – then that is your Unique Selling Proposition. Everyone has something that sets them apart – the difficult part is figuring out what that is and determining how to sell it. Continue reading

This Root Won’t Cure a Bad Offer

What is the root of your offer?

What is the root of your offer?

Recently, I have been receiving a lot of emails (I know, hard to believe) that have led with an enticing subject line, but little else.  Generally, they are for some type of affiliate sponsored product that promises to do something wonderful if you buy it.  Now, the more successful marketers in my estimation are the ones who grab your attention with a provocative headline, such as “Little Known Root Cures What Ails You With A Single Bite”.  To find out more, just click on the link to their landing page, and they provide content about the wonderful benefits of their product.  Not too much, just enough to get you thinking “this is something I’ve got to have”.  But, in order to get the real low-down on this product, such as what it is, how much it costs, why their competitor’s roots are just cheap knock-off roots that will probably make you sick, just provide your name and e-mail address and we will send you our “Special Report” that will reveal all.  I think if I was a competitor, I would offer an “Extra Special Report”, but that’s just me. Continue reading

Master of the Unique Selling Proposition

This is my boy Sampson.  We brought him home last year on the 4th of July.

Tell me you can resist that face?

Sampson cute photo

Isn’t he cute?

When we went to look at the puppies, we were planning on just looking and coming back that weekend if we saw one we wanted.  One look at that face and we were driving home with him that day.  Now tell me, is that face a USP or what?

To Lunk or Not to Lunk

Is this a Lunk?

Is this a Lunk?

One of my pet peeves in marketing is when someone violates the old adage “Never badmouth the competition”.  Now, that normally refers to someone or some company that sells a similar product that you are selling and you want to get that sale so badly that you will slur the quality, integrity or some other adjective of that competitor.  Bad move.  But what about slamming your competitor’s customers?  Is that above board? Well according to Planet Fitness, it is A-OK to make fun of the other gym’s members, and in fact, they go a step further by stating that no “Lunks” are allowed in their gym!

What the heck is a Lunk?  Well, based on their advertising, I seem to be one.  Not to the extreme that they depict in their commercials (I hope!), but I am a serious lifter who is much larger, more muscular, and lifts much heavier weights than the average seat warmer at your local gym.  I am no Mr. Universe, but I do grunt occasionally when lifting a very heavy weight.  I may have even used offensive language a time or two over my 40 years of weight training when a lift did not go my way.   Mercy, call the Lunk police! Continue reading