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What The Google Kind Of SEO Is This?

Can your SEO Guru pull page 1 ranking out of his hat?
Can your SEO Guru pull page 1 ranking out of his hat?

Ever since Panda and Penguin became the scourge of the internet search engine, you know, the only one that really counts, they have been an SEO nightmare.  No more linking your way to the top, at least not for websites that are not shielded in a Kevlar Vest of High Authority.  If you want to get on the first page search engine results with Google, you better be doing it slowly with high quality, relative content and non-spammy links.  What is a non- spammy link?  Well, according to Google, links that were created by readers of your marvelous content that just couldn’t keep from linking to your article, blog post, webpage, whatever.  Buying links or creating links for ranking purposes are not included under that definition. A little sarcastic?  Perhaps, but you aint seen nothin yet!

So, what is an SEO magician to do if their client wants to make it to the top without having to wait for the Second Coming?  After all, aren’t we telling our clients that our White Hat SEO methods, while in compliance with Google and safe from retribution, are very slow and any real results will take months, and perhaps lots of them?  Other than trying to game the system for website ranking, such as buying links, buying website traffic,  etc., etc., what are some options for getting on Page One of the search results?  Well, here are three arrows for your SEO quiver to get you noticed by the inquiring minds on the internet. Continue reading

Fast Forward SEO With YouTube

Fast Forward SEO With YouTubeUnless you are new to SEO and just started using the Internet, you are most likely aware of YouTube. Not only is this site the place you go to when you want to find a video about, well, anything, it is also the go-to place to gain practical and valuable information. Believe it or not, this video broadcasting site is one of the most widely used search engines on the World Wide Web!  In fact, YouTube’s “internal” search engine is the number two search engine in volume, only behind Google.

What does this mean to you, as a business owner and SEO? It means that you should be taking advantage of the benefits of YouTube, and if you aren’t, you need to get on the YouTube marketing bandwagon right away.

Why is this video sharing site so important to online marketing?  Because it is an easy way to make a powerful statement and because it is a fantastic way to boost your search engine optimization efforts. Yes, you read that right; YouTube has an incredibly powerful effect on our SEO efforts. Why and how so? Keep on reading to find out the connection between SEO and YouTube. Continue reading