This Root Won’t Cure a Bad Offer

What is the root of your offer?

What is the root of your offer?

Recently, I have been receiving a lot of emails (I know, hard to believe) that have led with an enticing subject line, but little else.  Generally, they are for some type of affiliate sponsored product that promises to do something wonderful if you buy it.  Now, the more successful marketers in my estimation are the ones who grab your attention with a provocative headline, such as “Little Known Root Cures What Ails You With A Single Bite”.  To find out more, just click on the link to their landing page, and they provide content about the wonderful benefits of their product.  Not too much, just enough to get you thinking “this is something I’ve got to have”.  But, in order to get the real low-down on this product, such as what it is, how much it costs, why their competitor’s roots are just cheap knock-off roots that will probably make you sick, just provide your name and e-mail address and we will send you our “Special Report” that will reveal all.  I think if I was a competitor, I would offer an “Extra Special Report”, but that’s just me.

Now, for you Four Step Marketing students, you already know that the Special Report is what is known as the “offer”.  In order for the offer to be effective, it must be something that is perceived to have value for the prospect, otherwise, they won’t want it.  And why would they want it?  Because they think it will solve some problem they have or provide something that they want.  And if they don’t want the report, they sure are not going to give you their email address so that you can send them more info that they don’t want.  Here is where I think my recent influx of emails have failed. They generate a mild curiosity with the subject line of their email, and then they go straight for the kill when you click onto their landing page.  No sweet talk, no let me buy you dinner, just “Hey, wanna go back to my place?”  Their landing page, which is their platform, doesn’t really sell the offer.  It just tells you to enter your name and email and we will send you a report.  About what?  About a root?  How do I know if it will cure what ails me?  How do I know what ails me?  I could really go for a Root Beer about now.

The platform needs to present the offer as something valuable, something that will solve your problems or give you something that you want.  Many of the better website platforms will present bullet points that will present provocative snippets that tantalize without providing the answer, such as:

– Find out how to cure cancer by eating this root with a common condiment
– How the Incas used this root to double their strength and endurance
– Amaze your friends by being able to walk through walls after covering your body with a root based gel

And many more!  Just provide your name and email for our Free Extra Special Report!  Perhaps I should start offering an Extra Special Report on “How Not To Lose Your Prospect As Soon As They Click On Your Link”.  I think some of these email marketers could use a good read.