Useful Plugins For Local SEO

Plugins can improve your Local SEO
Plugins can improve your Local SEO

As a Local SEO Consultant who often works with WordPress for building and maintaining websites, I find myself looking for plugins from time to time that solve specific problems.  And if you are like me, basically unskilled in website development or design, sometimes those Plugins can be a life saver.  In a previous post, “SEO For Your WordPress Website”, I listed six WP Plugins that were useful for SEO.  They were:

  • Google Analyticator
  • Google Author Link
  • Google XML Sitemaps
  • Shareaholic
  • W3 Total Cache
  • WordPress SEO by Yoast

These six FREE plugins create a good foundation for any WP site (although the designers are always happy to accept donations).  As I mentioned in the article, the Google XML Sitemaps plugin may not be necessary since the Yoast plugin includes an XML sitemap, but I had an issue with the Yoast version (since updated several times) so I used Google XML Sitemaps instead.  But in addition to these six essential  Plugins, there are 5 others that I want to share with you that have come in handy when  needed.   Use of these Plugins can either help your Local SEO or make the content creation for your website a little easier.

5 More WordPress Plugins for Local SEO

Once again, the following Plugins are all free.  Please keep in mind that someone had to invest their time and resources to develop these great tools, so try to feel generous with the donations.  More details are available by going to the website for each Plugin using the links provided.

WP-Optimize This Plugin helps you to optimize your WP database by cleaning up your trashed and revised posts and pages, spam and unapproved comments, auto drafts, etc.  A click of the button and they are all gone.

WP No Category Base A great Plugin for removing the “category” base from the URL of your Category permalinks.  For example, instead of the permalink


with the Plugin the permalink is now


Much better for SEO and search engine ranking for that category (Local SEO).  Also can be used to help build Category Silos in WordPress, but that’s another topic.

Reduce Bounce Rate This Plugin reports the real time that a visitor spends on site to Google Analytics so that Google doesn’t under report time on site or over report “bounces”.  It lets GA know every 10 seconds (default can be adjusted) that a visitor is on a page and that there was some interaction, therefore “un-bouncing” that page visit.  As a consequence, helps to improve bounce rate and time on site stats, which is good for SEO.  A more detailed explanation is available on the website.

Advanced WP Columns This Plugin makes creating multiple columns in WordPress posts and pages much easier without having to use any short code to make them look right.  It adds the tool to your editor and allows you to easily insert the columns in your content.  Much more professional than trying to line up columns manually and easier than using short code, or in my case cheaper than hiring someone to do it.

All 404 Redirect to Homepage I found this Plugin after purchasing an aged domain and finding numerous crawl errors for the new site in Google Webmaster Tools.  This Plugin redirects all 404 error links to the homepage, or any page you dictate, by using SEO 301 redirection.  Now, instead of getting 404 errors for those links, my site redirects to the homepage, and Webmaster Tools is showing no crawl errors.  Most importantly, old links that are pointed to posts and pages no longer on my site will still bring traffic to my home page as well as the link juice instead of a 404 error.   

Use Plugins only as needed for Local SEO

As good as these Plugins are, a word of caution needs to be interjected before you go on a Plugin downloading spree.  Plugins can cause issues with your website, such as affecting speed, security and the CSS on your site.  So my advice is to only use them when you absolutely need them.  Try to find a theme for your WordPress site that is SEO friendly, and it may eliminate the need to use some Plugins.  But if you have an issue with your site or a Local SEO improvement that can be facilitated through the use of a Plugin, by all means, that’s what they are for.  And, as always, if you would like help setting up your Local SEO or your WordPress website, contact Moore Marketing Systems for a Free Consultation.